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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Workshop Notice from KCC of Champaign: Korean Cultural Ambassador Workshop

The Korean Cultural Center (KCC) of Champaign is inviting and selecting Korean Cultural Ambassadors to develop networks and resources regarding Korean culture at this year's conference/workshops. This year’s topic of discussion is “How to survive in America and survival stories of Korean American Students”.

The selected Ambassadors, (2-3 people from each university), will participate in the 2-day workshop to share their stories living as Korean students in USA.

Conference/Workshop dates: April 23th - 25th. 2010

Workshop covers various topics concerning ethnic identity, family bonding, race issue, and other cultural and social issues related to the education in USA and in Korea concerning Korean students who are studying abroad. Products and outcome of this conference and workshop will remain at the KCC website.

Selected ambassadors will be provided with attendance fees which include cost for gas, hotel, food, workshop resource books etc. At the end of the conference and workshop, participants will be awarded a certificate as Korean cultural ambassador.

To qualify for selection:
-Ambassador candidates should be undergraduate students who are interested in sharing their opinions about their daily lives in USA as a Korean student.
-Fill up the application form and email it to by April 7th 2010.
Application can be downloaded at
For more information, visit

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