At the University of Chicago Office of Multicultural Student Affairs, we want students to have access to academic and cultural resources, but to also have opportunities independent of the classroom and student life. Thus, the following is a list of opportunities where students can go to search for funding, enrich their summers or find work after graduation.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

TRIALS Program Accepting Applications

* There are two phases to application process,
Phase I should be completed ASAP.

About the Program:
  • Trials is a unique partnership of NYU School of Law, Harvard Law School, and the Advantage Testing Foundation. It is a fully subsidized summer study program for students of modest means whose backgrounds are currently underrepresented at the nation’s top law schools.
  • For 5 weeks in July & August, Trials students take residence at Harvard or New York University. The residency alternates from year to year, with Harvard Law School hosting the program in 2011.
  • Each week, senior instructors from Advantage Testing prepare Trials students for the LSAT by deconstructing the test and presenting a step-by-step approach to each question type. Students maintain a rigorous practice testing schedule, frequently sitting for full-length official LSATs under simulated testing conditions. Working closely with their instructors, students learn to develop an individualized study plan, focus their preparation, and apply the core principles they master.
  • Trials students also attend lectures presented by prominent lawyers, public figures, and legal scholars, including distinguished faculty from both NYU Law and Harvard Law School. These lectures provide a wide-ranging introduction to the study and practice of the law while giving students the opportunity to ask specific questions related to their particular fields of interest.
  • Perhaps most important, Trials allows students to experience communities similar to those they will encounter in law school. Students form study groups to challenge, motivate, and inspire one another. In lunches with instructors and speakers, students can take part in informal discussions to learn more about the law, their peers, and themselves.
  • Finally, Trials is committed to taking full advantage of the resources of its host locations. Students enter the field in Boston and New York City to meet with and observe lawyers at work, garnering practical experience that complements the academic curriculum.
Application Process:
  • The application asks you to frame your academic credentials in the context of your personal circumstances by inviting you to share information about your college transcript, your extracurricular and work activities, your parents or guardians and family, and the experiences that have led you to consider a legal education.
  • The first step is to open a candidate file by supplying some basic information in Part I of the online application––contact information, your most recent school attended, and your undergraduate GPA to date. We encourage you to submit Part I as soon as possible. Upon receipt and approval of Part I, a Trials representative will contact you with directions for accessing Part II. In Part II, we request additional academic and biographical data.
  • You are also asked to submit a 2-page personal statement. The personal statement is your opportunity to share information that has not appeared elsewhere on the application––information that you think we should know when making an admissions decision. You may want to use this space to tell us why you’re interested in attending law school, to explain an inconsistency in your academic record, or to describe your professional goals. Whatever you decide to write about, we hope your statement will help us achieve a fuller understanding of who you are and why you want to attend Trials.
The deadline for submitting Part II of the application is January 31, 2011.
  • After reviewing applications, final round applicants will be contacted for personal interviews. Interviews are conducted over the phone by representatives of Harvard Law School, NYU Law School, and the Advantage Testing Foundation who are involved with theTrials program. The purpose of the interview is to allow us to address any questions about your application we may have and to make sure you understand and are committed to the Trials program.

Important: Please direct ALL questions regarding this program to TRIALS.

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