At the University of Chicago Office of Multicultural Student Affairs, we want students to have access to academic and cultural resources, but to also have opportunities independent of the classroom and student life. Thus, the following is a list of opportunities where students can go to search for funding, enrich their summers or find work after graduation.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Student Computing Assistant, Part Time Job

University of Chicago Library- Administrative & Desktop Computing (ADS)
Student Computing Assistant
Summary of Duties:
  • Troubleshoot and repair desktop computing problems
  • Deploy desktop computing equipment
  • Keep ADS workspace and storage area in order, and assist ADS staff on tasks as needed
  • Replace Library Workstations with new equipment.
1. Knowledge of Microsoft Windows, particularly Windows XP Pro, including:
  • Ability to install software
  • Ability to install and configure computer peripherals, including scanners and printers
  • Knowledge of Windows file operations - ability to find and move user data from one computer or hard drive to another.
  • Ability to configure basic Windows XP settings, including networking, video, and other Control Panel settings.
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer. Knowledge of other applications supported by ADS (Dynix Horizon client, Microsoft Outlook) desirable but not required. Knowledge of Mac OSX and Microsoft Windows 7 helpful, but not required.
2. Ability to install and configure computer components, including hard drives and system memory.

3. Ability to communicate well with individual Library staff, whose computing knowledge may vary, about computing hardware and software.

4. Ability to communicate well with ADS staff and follow directions.

5. Ability to lifting computers and related hardware and move equipment around.

To Apply:
If you are interested and meet the requirements you can apply for the position, at the University’s Library website. After applying online, email Kamaria L.Gross at and she will pass your application information to the hiring supervisor.

If you need any further detail or have questions feel free to contact Kamaria Gross at or (773) 702-8754.

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