At the University of Chicago Office of Multicultural Student Affairs, we want students to have access to academic and cultural resources, but to also have opportunities independent of the classroom and student life. Thus, the following is a list of opportunities where students can go to search for funding, enrich their summers or find work after graduation.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Human Rights Program Faculty Grants

The Human Rights Program wishes to announce the availability of grants to faculty for the development of new courses (or the substantial redesign of existing courses) to be cross-listed in the Human Rights Program for 2013-14.  The grants (at $2,600 each) are made possible by the generosity of Richard and Ann Pozen.

Grants may be used for course development work over the summer and may be spent on materials, employment of a research assistant, travel, or other justifiable expenditures in line with University rules. Courses may be developed for College students, graduate or professional students. We are particularly interested in courses for College students, but encourage submissions by faculty from all departments and the professional schools.   

"What is a Human Rights course?" you may ask.  A Human Rights course is not simply any course on any topic related to human beings or human suffering.  Nor are Human Rights courses restricted to courses which include direct references to international human rights treaties and norms.  Last year’s course development grants were awarded to faculty from Comparative Literature, History, Human Development, Medicine, Philosophy, Social Services Administration, and Sociology.  We encourage you to be creative.  For inspiration, we encourage you to look at current and past Human Rights courses at: 

Application Information:

Course proposals, including a short description of the course aims, goals, and content, should be submitted by February 1, 2013, to Susan Gzesh ( with a copy to Sarah Moberg (

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