At the University of Chicago Office of Multicultural Student Affairs, we want students to have access to academic and cultural resources, but to also have opportunities independent of the classroom and student life. Thus, the following is a list of opportunities where students can go to search for funding, enrich their summers or find work after graduation.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Forté Fall Intern

Serve as Forté and University of Chicago on-campus ambassador for the Fall 2010 term.

The primary objective will be to market and promote the University of Chicago Career Lab event; in addition, the intern will promote the Forté Career Lab Virtual Campus as well as other Forté online events to female students, faculty, and career services staff.

The intern will report to the Forté Marketing Coordinator and Forté Marketing Director. Responsibilities include the promotion and awareness of Forté and Forté events throughout your campus and other local schools by reaching out to key student clubs, staff, and faculty as well as seeking out the best and most cost effective advertising channels. See below for more detailed descriptions.

Visit for more about Career Labs
Visit for more about the Virtual Campus

Tasks will include, but not limited to:
  • Meet registration and attendance goals for the Forté Career Lab at your school
  • Secure 2-3 key clubs to co-host Career Lab
  • Attend school events (Career Fairs, club fairs, etc) and club meetings throughout the fall to promote Forté programming , pass out postcards, surveys, and other marketing materials
  • Create flyers to promote Forté Career Lab, Virtual Campus, and other Forté programming
  • Meet with professors, advisors and staff to educate them about Forté
  • Keep detailed reports and distribute to Forté
  • Develop creative ways to communicate with your contacts
  • Participate in weekly conference calls with Forté staff and meet with on-campus representative once a week providing updates on progress. Marketing Coordinator will provide guidance and feedback.
  • Become known as the Forté ambassador and promote whenever possible: Facebook; Myspace; personal contacts; website; dorms; in class; extra-curriculars, etc.
Qualities & Skills Required:
  • Very outgoing and personable; well connected to many different interest groups
  • Creative, professional, reliable
  • Able to take direction, but also work independently
  • Proficient in excel; detail-oriented; able to work within limited budgets
  • Able to follow through with projects in a thorough manner and meet timelines
  • Interest in marketing/promotions

  • Position Timeline: Fall Career lab—late-September – mid-February
  • Hours: Approximately 5-10 hours/week; expect 10-15 hours/week during the 4-6 weeks prior to the Career Lab event; 5 hours/week post Career lab to assist with event follow-up and other promotion needs. 
  • Compensation: $500 stipend.
The opportunity to make a difference and inspire young women
Leadership experience and skill development for your resumé
Valuable contacts for future job references and MBA programs
Networking with experienced career women
Exposure to top Business schools and Fortune 500 companies
First-hand knowledge about marketing and other career paths
On-campus exposure to students and key faculty/staff

Contact Deborah Umunnabuike at for more information.

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