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Monday, October 8, 2012

STOMP Instructor

The Science and Technology Outreach and Mentoring Program (STOMP) is seeking individuals who want to gain invaluable education and outreach experience and are enthusiastic about elementary level science education.
  • Current and past instructors range from undergraduates to post docs.
  • Interested individuals are preferred to be, but are not limited to, those actively involved in science related fields.
  • Instructors are assigned to a group based on the availability of a position, their personal preferences and the effort is made to create multi and interdisciplinary groups.  
  • Instructors  make and track their own hours; the commitment is approximately 5 hours per week.
  •  This is a paid position.
STOMP currently staffs and science component of an after-school program at the North Kenwood Oakland (NKO) and Donoghue Elementary Schools.  Instructors design engaging educational science activities for students in Kindergarten through 5th grade.  STOMP seeks to encourage a mentoring role between instructors and students through a cooperative and exploratory learning environment. 

Students meet once a week, on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday from 4:30pm to 5:45pm; parents can pick up their children as early as 5:30pm.  Sessions are currently divided by age into K-1st grades on Tuesdays, 4th-5th grades on Wednesdays, and 2nd-3rd grades on Thursdays.  Instructors are assigned to one or more afternoon sessions per week and work collaboratively in groups of 4-5 instructors to develop, prepare and execute activities.  Each group is responsible for developing curriculum and managing their team’s annual budget.  Additionally, each group can draw from a pool of past activities and a well-stocked inventory of science supplies and equipment.  STOMP also periodically participates in science related community outreach events such as the Argonne Open House and AAAS Family Days.  At times, the program will also collaborate with UChicago researchers who have received funds from NSF grants.

Other Information:
  • The STOMP schedule roughly follows the UChicago quarter schedule for Fall through Spring with approximately 30 sessions per year.
  • There are approximately 20 students in a given session, who typically return weekly throughout the entire academic year.
  • Individuals in the physical sciences are encouraged to apply.

Application Information:

Please contact Mary Pat McCullough at or Michelle Horne-Terry at for more information.

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